Marble Restoration & Stone Care Service

From Complex Restoration To Simple Polishing

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Why Us

  1. All works will be done by founder’s hands, or with help of one technician.
  2. We can offer economical or full restoration, based on your specific needs.
  3. Unlimited free corrections if noticed even after a work completion.
  4. You’ll get fast and free itemized proposal in PDF file.
  5. You’ll know the independent conclusion about possible work outcome.
  6. Our working hours 24/7.
  7. Most often a work can be scheduled on next day or in a few days.
  8. Wide spectrum of approaches can be performed per one project.
  9. We are independent company, not a franchisee or sub-contractor.
  10. 99% of all works can be done on premises and dust free.

For Whom

  1. Apartment or House Owners
  2. Landlords or Tenants
  3. Real Estate Brokers or Agents
  4. Board Directors or Members
  5. Designers or Architects
  6. Antique Experts or Artists
  7. Property or Facility Managers
  8. General Contractors or Builders
  9. Retailers or Business Owners
  10. Others

Notes from the Owner

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